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Newport State Park designated as International Dark Sky Park

ELLISON BAY, Wis. – Newport State Park, Wisconsin’s only wilderness state park, has now also become the first state park in Wisconsin to be designated an International Dark Sky Park, one of just 48 parks in the world to earn the designation.

The dark sky at Newport State Park.
The dark sky at Newport State Park.
Photo Credit: Denny Moutray

Located on the western shore of Lake Michigan on the northern tip of Door County, Newport has a dark sky that offers excellent nighttime viewing with an unobstructed view of the eastern horizon. As a designated wilderness park, the 2,373-acre park offers only backpack camping and has minimal developments beyond the park office, picnic area and trails.

Based in Tucson, Ariz., the International Dark-Sky Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1988 that is dedicated to protecting the night skies for present and future generations. The association advocates for the protection of the night sky, educates the public and policymakers about night sky conservation, promotes environmentally responsible outdoor lighting and empowers the public with the tools and resources to help bring back the night.

The idea for applying for the designation began four years ago when Ray Stonecipher, a local Door County amateur astronomer, approached Hefty about seeking the designation. The park also received assistance from supporting partners including the Door Peninsula Astronomical Society and the Newport Wilderness Society.

The association has program guidelines that outline specifics for Dark Sky Park designation, which included sky meter readings from 14 locations with the park, conducting astronomy education programs and developing a light management plan.

The association board unanimously approved Newport State Park as an International Dark Sky Park on April 27, joining the ranks of Big Ben, Glacier and Grand Canyon national parks. Only 13 other state parks in the United States have received the designation.

“In a modern world that is accompanied by ever increasing levels of nighttime illumination, a truly dark sky at night is rare and unique,” said Michelle Hefty, park superintendent.

“From lighting projects to community education and outreach, our commitment to protect our dark sky is a priority we take seriously,” said Beth Bartoli, Newport State Park naturalist who helps conduct astronomy programs at the park. “We never tire of seeing that ‘aha’ moment on the upturned faces of our visitors as they gaze toward the heavens.”

The park will host a dedication ceremony on Thursday, June 22 when an official International Dark Sky Park sign will be placed in the park. The ceremony will feature talks by members of the Door Peninsula Astronomical Society and Newport Wilderness Society as well as state and local officials. The ceremony will begin at 1 p.m. at the park shelter and is open to the public with light refreshments served afterword.

“The prestigious Dark Sky Park designation opens the park to local, regional, national and international astronomical clubs and societies, increasing tourism, especially ecotourism. Obtaining this honor will accord national and international recognition to Newport State Park and the Wisconsin State Park System,” said Ben Bergey, Wisconsin State Park System director.

More information on International Dark Sky Parks can be found on the International Dark Sky Association website (both links exit DNR). For more information about Newport State Park, search the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website,, for keyword “Newport.”

Jump into summer fun this June at Wisconsin state park system properties

MADISON РVisitors to Wisconsin state park system properties can jump into the start of summer this June by camping, getting fit, taking a day trip or exploring paddle watersports and then sharing their experience with others through social media.

Jump in to fun this June at a Wisconsin state park system property.
Jump in to fun this June at a Wisconsin state park system property.
Photo Credit: DNR

Throughout June the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will feature activities and events visitors can participate in at a state park property on its Facebook page and Twitter account. Park visitors are encouraged to share their own experiences using the hashtag #WIstateparks.

Each week will have a different focus, beginning with the wide variety of camping opportunities in the state park system, from modern campgrounds to primitive backpacking campsites, and bicycle and water access campsites. There will also be camp cooking suggestions.

Other weeks will focus on tips to “get moving at parks” with activities for health and fitness at park properties, day-tripping suggestions for different parks around the state, and the wide variety of paddle sport water activities available at park properties.

To participate, follow the suggestions on the DNR Facebook Page and Twitter account Links for both can be easily found in the footer of the DNR website,

Natural Resources Board approves 2017 deer harvest quotas and season structure

MADISON – The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board approved deer hunting season framework and antlerless deer quotas for 2017 at its May 24 meeting in Madison.

Click on image for larger size.
Click on image for larger size.

Final season framework reflects recommendations from County Deer Advisory Councils – 2017 marks the third year these councils have played a key role in Wisconsin’s deer management efforts. In addition to direct feedback from councils, more than 6,500 questionnaires were received during a public input process that ran from April 3-13, 2017.

“I’m looking forward to an excellent deer hunt throughout all the seasons this year – we had another very mild winter, which will bode well for the herd throughout the state, so I anticipate another year of increased harvest,” said Kevin Wallenfang, Department of Natural Resources big game ecologist. “County Deer Advisory Councils worked hard to weigh the many factors and public desires that drive deer herd management, and we thank them for their work in helping to shape this year’s hunting seasons.”

In 2017, four deer management units within the Northern and Central Forest zones will allow only bucks to be harvested, while the rest of Wisconsin will have a total quota of 276,515 antlerless deer (compared to 256,775 in 2016).

A decrease in “buck-only” counties compared to the last two years (12 in 2015 and 10 in 2016) is a good indication that councils and the DNR are seeing herds rebound in Northern Forest Zone counties. As a reminder, rules are in place to allow disabled hunters, military personnel on leave, Deer Management Assistance Program cooperators, and youth hunters (the Junior Antlerless Tag is valid statewide) to harvest antlerless deer in buck-only units. As a result, there will be some antlerless deer harvested in each of the 4 buck-only units in 2017.

The sale of bonus antlerless deer hunting tags will include 31,945 tags valid on public access lands (compared to 22,775 in 2016) and 168,210 tags valid on private lands (compared to 136,875 in 2016). Bonus antlerless tag sales will occur as follows (sales begin each day at 10 a.m.):

  • Monday, Aug. 14 – Northern and Central Forest zones;
  • Tuesday, Aug. 15 – Central Farmland Zone;
  • Wednesday, Aug. 16 – Southern Farmland Zone; and
  • Thursday, Aug. 17 – all remaining bonus tags can be purchased until sold out or the season ends.

In addition, Farmland Zone antlerless tags will be available with the purchase of every deer hunting license. The number of tags offered will depend on the county of choice, which must be indicated at the time of issuance. These tags will be issued as early as June 1.

A Holiday Hunt will be held within 17 counties and provide for an additional antlerless-only opportunity for firearm hunters from Dec. 24, 2017 to Jan.1, 2018.

The department’s deer hunting webpage will be updated within the coming weeks with additional resources regarding the 2017 deer hunting quotas and season framework. To help hunters prepare for the 2017 deer hunt, the following documents are now available at, keyword “deer”:

  • 2017 deer season FAQ;
  • 2017 deer season structure map;
  • 2017 deer season Farmland Zone Tags overview;
  • 2017 deer season Bonus Antlerless Tags overview; and
  • 2017 deer season Metro Sub-unit Tags overview.

To receive email updates and other information regarding deer hunting and season structure in Wisconsin, visit and select the email icon near the bottom of the page for “subscribe for updates for DNR topics.” Follow the prompts and select “white-tailed deer” within the “hunting” list.

Year Round Roofing Care Tips & Tricks

Your houses roof is responsible for shielding your family in the components. It’s vital that we continue to work and keep the structural integrity that is roofs. It’s when done wrong can endanger the whole basis and construction of the house and a costly process. Most homeowners is only going to need to replace roofing twice or once in their own lives. It isn’t a procedure that most will need to become ultra knowledgeable about. To minimize expensive repairs and to ensure that the roof has a long life, regular maintenance should be done in your houses roof.

Shingles are the most visible facet of your houses roof. The shingles play an important part in keeping the obstacles underneath dry. It may not look like missing a shingle or when left untreated a lost or damaged shingle can cause damage to the construction of the roof to is that huge of price. If the granules which make up the shingle are beginning to wear away the underlay of the roof will rapidly deteriorate because of the exposure to the sunshine that is hot. If you begin to see an excellent deal of asphalt granules in the houses gutters it may be time to contemplate entire roof replacement. You may get by with replacing merely those few if you see merely several bare shingles.

Checking for flows is outside along with a thing that can be done within your home. The first area to search is the ceilings within the inside of the house. If you’re able to see any places of difference or discoloration in the feel of the roofing it is time to go to the loft. Enter the loft on a superb bright day to check out any sun that shines through. You’ve got located the point of entry for water if you’re able to see the light that means. Flows are not more difficult to fix when they may be manageable and modest. Take time twice annually to scrutinize the loft. You can be saved by an instant peek from having to replace ceilings and the houses roof.

Routine roofing care tests that are straightforward can save homeowners. Maintain your roof to let it continue to do the job it’s meant to do. A houses roof should last between thirty and twenty years when preventative maintenance tests are done and small repairs are finished. Millennium Roofing and Construction contractors offer an assortment of roofing services including installing metal roofing, shingle roofs and roof repairs.

Things That Determine Price Of A Party Bus

It is not a big jolt when folks take a long time to reserve limousine services. Limousine and party bus hire costs vary greatly but in several cases, the limousine hire business is virtually identical to other marketplaces and for that reason you’ll get what you paid for. People, nevertheless, are interested to learn what the limo hire rates are for any typical night out.

There are several reasons regarding why there is such variation in limos that are hiring. The first is the sort of limo you intend to hire. For example the baby Bentley – Chrysler 300 charges a lot more than the Lincoln town limo. This really is because it is a completely new fashion and type and it has just been in use. Their hire prices are high as appearance was made by them just a few years past when it comes to the Hummer h3 limousines. These vehicles have a high demand from young individuals planning for prom nights or adults who plan to nightclubs during weekends for journeys that are classy. One more cost difference example is between the 2009 Lincoln town car vs the 1999 Lincoln town car. The first one would go for a greater speed due to the promotions such as high quality sound systems, ice containers in addition to designer refreshments pub, DVD flat screens, the lavish seats, laser and fiber optic light and the fact it is new. But this doesn’t mean you’ll get the 1999 one at a very affordable rate.

Another factor that impacts prices that are limousine is the service. Different companies deliver services that are distinct. Others can include even or beverages booze in their costs. Also, you may be charged by a couple of businesses for other outlays such as for example premises, bespoke websites and office employees. All these add to relaxation and happiness and the ease of the customer.

The price can be also affected by the kind of event. For an event like a wedding, for example, the limo hired would not be informal, integrated with an expert Chauffeur in addition to flowers, ribbons, bows, a bottle of champagne. The price of hiring a limousine would also not be low during prom on account of the popularity.

The time would also affect the rates. Getting a limo would not be easy let alone getting one for a speed that is good. Sometimes during the peak times like Friday, costs are also high. The hire price is additionally affected by the size of the limo. 16 seater hummer or a 14 would be the price of locating a Lincoln town car. Limousine Hire Prices vary however it doesn’t mean you can not locate the right one for price range and your preference. Do a scrupulous preparation as well as thinking that is thorough and you will even find yourself saving some cash.

Web Design for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Regardless of what the demands for making your existence over the web are larger or smaller; for example, whether you’re simply a company or an individual blogger, it should call for demands and the techniques of OKC web design. For such type of web site, website design procedures are some of the most significant and built-in ones, of the enormous corporate websites or portals or whether they’re the site of the small business men, middle level company. A broad variety of design applications along with applications can also be accessible the marketplace of the business which can be used by the professional web site designers for making their site seem quite appealing and fascinating to the users or readers and customers in accordance with their particular conditions and needs which should remain confined to their already established budget and fiscal limits.

Design of a web site relies upon the service areas of the site and the designing in their motif also needs to be done so. You should basically examine the services you’re going to supply to your own individual customers if you’ve intended for the designing of your web site. You should think about different understandings of design after doing the mandatory evaluation if any of those understandings suits best to your company as well as choosing the finest understanding that brings about the ability in yourself for bringing the customers in large numbers for your web site in the little period of time. Design of a site is determined by the foundation in their service areas and their motif should be designed professionally to bringing the visitors to identify the web site relating to its design. If your web site will be visited by more quantity of visitors, there may be opportunities of getting them converted into your prospective customers if they’ve discovered your web site appealing.

The general feeling created through successful web site design measures that can readily get the services which is why they’re seeking is got by a web site. In the present age of technology, numerous technologies that are upgraded are there through which the design stuffs are performed. Should you be approaching towards building your web site you should try hiring web or a designing team designing firm that’s a superb standing in the marketplace within due time. The layout should be done in view of a number of years as small businessmen can barely have the capacity to get their web site redesign again and again. They’re going to aim for keeping up with it for 2-3 years or even for more than that, if they’d design an internet site. In fact, the design would get shifted making the most important facet of internet designing area.

The Key Aspects of Web Design

What makes up Oklahoma web design good? Does it show just what an excellent visual designer you might be? Is it true that your website style bring prizes being designed by you? Or is it true that your web site design exist to set up a system for your people as well as you personally to connect to each other endless by functionality errors? I do believe the stage that is final is the most essential aspect that confirms the fundamental dissimilarity between successful and an unsuccessful website.

Even though the understanding of great website design modifications from one individual to another, you can find a few recognized traditions these traditions may ensure your site reaches out to all individuals that are potential and you could follow. If you are creating your website, particularly these times, you will need to be always alert to the truth that there are several apparatus and quite a lot of browsers that individuals might use to gain access to your website. No further do people look at Web only through notebook computers and their computers; there are several hand-held devices that empower visitors to search your website and will directly hook up to the Internet; individuals may also search your web site using their cellphones. And gone are the times when only that was utilized by folks as their browser.

Your website design additionally is determined by what you’re about throughout your web site to display: may you contain pictures only text, movies or perhaps a combination of of all three? You will need to to create your website so. If it’s just text which you want to to write then make an effort to create it as graphic as you possibly can as individuals returning to your own web site is going to not be bore in your text and maybe not your pictures as well as movies. So that you require worry about creating your web site textually reachable likewise a web site presenting your display cartoon experience may anticipate a lot of expensive function.

Therefore when you’re creating your web site you must take each one of these variables into account. But does it imply that you just are constantly adapting devises and browsers and tend not to concentrate all on your own company, whatever that’s? No, I’m not proposing that. Only care for these website design tips and you are going to ensure that 9-5% individuals (well, there will be these strange 5% who cannot look at internet easily regardless of the things they attempt) browsing the Net may get your web site:

1) Style your web site using CSS because you then are able to make your articles as well as your toolbar appear in a linear way. Because all the design-related positions occur through CSS explanations regardless of how your text appears textually it’s going to seem as a lay out that is nice. The design methods also allow you to dabble with designs that are complex without creating your site unavailable. CSS design may consistently help despite producing it aesthetically seem underneath the the toolbar or to the right of it, you organize your main message before the routing hyperlink.

2) Do Not utilize colors that trigger stress to the eyes. You need to make their keep as enjoyable as you possibly can over your web site, in the event that you would like visitors to visit your web site again and again and have your articles or do enterprise along with you then. However wonderful your layout appears in the event the color combos are stress-complete, following a while they cease returning and will fatigue of your site. Always be careful that the back ground supporting the the writing is not way heavier in relation to the the writing, and vice versa.

3) Produce a lighter layout. Where possible tend not to overuse both JavaScript of display that impact the important features of your website, including choices. As an example when there is some vital info in your web site and folks must get that info before using the services of you subsequently do not make that information accessible simply through a Java Script on a Flash cartoon or a picture document. It’s obvious that significant text that is potential you needs to be accessible as text instead of images, if that is impossible you then must take into account image replacement methods.

4) Strategy a carefully considered (in the customers view) routing program. There ought to be a conspicuously described routing method which is readily available to everyone, for those who have several webpages in your web site then. As stated above do not let your routing rely on Display cartoon or pictures. If feasible produce only a text- navigation bar. With Cascading Style Sheets developing it is possible to make fantastic looking toolbars.

Follow these web site design concepts that are basic and you’ll possess a web site design that is good to offer. Remember the primary reason for your website layout needs to be to produce a user-experience that is good for the visitors, fancies, thus don’t get trapped in the temptation to over-complicate matters needlessly and the layout isn’t there to gratify your style vagaries.