Baiting and feeding bans begin for La Crosse and Dodge counties Feb. 1, 2018 following new positive CWD detections

MADISON – Following confirmation that wild deer tested positive for chronic wasting disease in western Vernon and central Dodge counties in 2017, baiting and feeding bans will begin Feb. 1, 2018 in these counties.

As required by law, these findings establish baiting and feeding bans for La Crosse and Dodge counties, effective Feb. 1, 2018. La Crosse County is within 10 miles of the Vernon county positive wild deer, and due to being adjacent to a county with a CWD-positive test result, a two-year ban will be enacted. The ban for Dodge County will be enacted for three years. Existing baiting and feeding bans will remain in place for Vernon County.

A 2-year-old buck harvested in Hamburg township is the third confirmed positive case in Vernon County, while a 1-year-old buck harvested in Clyman township is the first positive case confirmed in Dodge County. To determine if the disease is present in other wild deer in the area, disease surveillance will occur within a 10-mile radius around the positive locations. La Crosse metropolitan sub-unit deer hunters are encouraged to submit adult deer harvested for CWD sampling during the remainder of the metro sub-unit season.

Anyone looking to learn more about CWD in Wisconsin is encouraged to check out an informational brochure found on the DNR website.

For more information regarding baiting and feeding regulations and CWD in Wisconsin, visit and search keywords “baiting and feeding” and “CWD” respectively.