Our Long Distance Move To Neillsville WI

Making The Move To Neillsville Wisconsin

making the move from new jerseyThere are plenty of places to move in this country, but Neillsville is our favorite and we are excited to welcome one of our dearest friends to town. My longtime family friend Phil, his wife, and two kids officially left Kearney New Jersey and made the move out here. Part of our discussions prior to them moving here was “what is there to do in Neillsville?” I compiled a list of fun activities and emailed them. The response was grand, and within a few weeks they had their house up for sale and were packing to make the trip to Wisconsin. Before I get into all the great things to do here, which is really just the list I made for Phil, I want to take a brief moment to talk about the great experience they had moving out here. I flew in on a Friday to help him pack and get the house ready to be shown. The realtor was really helpful, she showed up and prepared the home to be shown which was a lot of help. Phil’s wife was busy caring for the young ones, so naturally, it was the two of us in crank mode packing, cleaning, and preparing for the move. We have known each other since college and have moved from dorm rooms to houses over the course of the four years we lived together, this felt like a flashback to the good old days. We ended up getting everything packed up and into the garage where we could load the boxes into the moving trucks. He hired a stellar group of guys that were extremely important to the success of the move. You can check out their website here (https://bluebellmovingandstorage.com/). They specialized in long-distance moves, which was perfect for what we were about to do. So, to wrap this up, they showed up and we packed the truck and made the drive. When we arrived at the new house, my wife was already there and had the home open for us to unload the moving trucks. We were unloaded in under 2 hours and setting up the home by the 3rd hour. Okay, so back to the reason that I’m making this post. There is so much to do in Neillsville, that if you are thinking about moving here for work or just want to move your family to a new neighborhood, here are some things for you to do.

The Highground Memorial Park

The Highground close Neillsville, WI is a 155-acre manned veteran memorial park that pays tribute to the deceased, and honors the natives, their support, along with their sacrifices. The Highground meets its mission of education and healing by bringing past classes into our hopes to its future. We seek to possess The Highground are still a focus of recovery for those that come, irrespective of the title of the struggle that left the scars. The playground contains tributes to veterans of WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Persian Gulf (Desert Storm to present), in Addition to, a National Native American Vietnam Museum, a Military Working Dog Tribute, a Meditation Garden, a handicap accessible Treehouse, an Specific replica of the Liberty Bell, Effigy Mound, a Learning Center (using a library) and 4 kilometers of hiking paths. The Park continues to rise as history unfolds. Situated three miles west of Neillsville on US Hwy 10, the playground is lighted and open to visitors year round 24 hours per day. “Over for many veterans, over for individuals who didn’t return, The Highground is an area for every one of us.

Visit Reed School

old school houseEarlier 1960 most rural Wisconsin children were educated at a one-room faculty such as Reed School. One-room schooling reflects a less portable, more rural period in our history. The broad array of ages provided opportunities for older pupils to assist their younger coworkers, which can be a feature that today’s colleges locate desirable, but hard to attain. Reed School, constructed in 1915, served as a one-room nation college through 1951. It supplied that a first- during eighth-grade instruction with no more than 1 teacher. The college is average of the over 6,000 one-room schools which dotted the scene of rural Wisconsin.


Gordon Smith’s memories of attending first grade at Reed School in 1939 were the catalyst resulting in its recovery and reopening since the Wisconsin Historical Society’s 10th historical website. His cousins, Glenn Suckow and Linda Suckow Grottke, equally attended Reed School and never missed a single day in eight decades.

Clark Cultural Art Center

Clark Cultural Art Center is a business that functions for the main goal of creating and investing tools to market the arts from Clark County. CART functions on behalf of it are communities to encourage arts instruction; exhibitions of regional, local, national artwork; expressions and explorations of cultural diversity; and financial growth for the larger Clark County area.Establish and completely develop a nonprofit regional arts business/ center with object-oriented arts programming at 6 Levels of ART.Artists, Teachers, Volunteers exploiting creativity and maximizing the 6 Levels of ART with functional experience.Committed to promoting and contributing to the personal, economic, and community development through education, exhibitions, advocacy and the expressions of Art. Non-Profit Organization created and supported by volunteers who determine the vision of sharing ART’s 6 Degrees of inspiration into human imagination.

Horseback Adventures

We’re a Horseback Experience Company in Neillsville, WI known as Wilderness Pursuit. This really is a family run company since 1982. Offering guided trail rides on mild, well-trained horses, together with all the best guides we could find through the gorgeous, scenic Clark County Forest. This Isn’t ordinary trail riding, in which you ride in a circle, we really take you outside to the forests on trails that are natural. We offer from two-hour rides to a lot of day overnight experiences. Dealing with many Distinct Sorts of classes from households, friends, childhood, Scout Groups to Church Groups. We’re a business that enjoys helping your team produce a ride which will work nicely with you. We not only supply the horses, tack, direct, scenery, and pleasure, but we could also provide meals and camping equipment. Beginning now we could get you on the road to getting an unforgettable experience! Love our website.

Clark County Jail Museum

jail house in clark countyThe 1897 Clark County Jail Museum Has Been Really the Clark County (WI) Jail and Sheriff’s House from 1897 to 1978. By 1978 that the County had assembled a new County Jail / Sheriff’s Department inside the Courthouse complicated in Neillsville. Also in 1978, the County Historical Society Inc. (CCHS) started working with County and community officials to save the building from being torn down. The CCCH entered into a lease for its construction and volunteers and members spent over a year making improvements and repairs to the construction and prepared for public tours. Starting in 1980, the Society volunteers and members functioned this Museum as a member of two historical sites, together with their other apps. In 2008, the Jail Museum has been separately incorporated since the 1897 Clark County Jail Museum, Inc. and is maintained and managed by this company’s volunteers and members.