Preliminary registration numbers available for the 2017 bear hunting seasons

MADISON – Preliminary registration numbers show hunters harvested 4,157 bears during the 2017 Wisconsin bear hunting seasons.

Preliminary registration totals for the 2017 bear hunt are as follows:

  • Zone A: 1,069;
  • Zone B: 816;
  • Zone C: 1,009; and
  • Zone D: 1,263.

“Although harvest declined slightly from 2016, this follows a pattern of annual variation that has developed in recent years, and reflects the goal to reduce bear numbers in certain areas of the state,” said Jeff Pritzl, Department of Natural Resources acting large carnivore specialist. “The preliminary harvest of 4,157 is very close to the previous four alternate year harvests when hound hunters had the first week of the season. Crop and property damage reports, along with nuisance complaints have declined measurably this year, due in part to purposeful management of the population through hunting.”

Summary tables and more information regarding bear hunting in Wisconsin can be found by searching the DNR website,, for keyword “bear.”