Recycling Old Radio Equipment

Radio Station Upgrades Electronics – Out With The Old – In With The New

outdated radio equipmentThe sister station upgraded their electronics last month and hired a company to recycle all the old outdated electronics that can’t get dumped into a landfill. After weeks of searching, they came across online and had them out to the station to assess the value of the outdated equipment. There were three studio rooms for production and a live room for local musicians to perform. There were mixing boards, amplifiers, tape machines, old microphones, outboard compressors, EQ’s, DAT machines, and a bunch of other outdated equipment we weren’t using anymore. The guys at CDR came in and took all of the electronics we needed removed, recycled some, and re-sold other pieces. What we were left with was a lot of real estate and a budget to purchase new gear for the station. Naturally, we went with a Pro Tools rig and upgraded our digital audio interface to allow for XLR and USB connectivity. Instead of purchasing more outboard gear, we went with plugins that emulate the hardware and saved a ton of money, room, and power doing that. The software solutions really enabled us to pull out the old equipment racks and make room for some lounge tables and chairs. We went from an old reel to reel machine to solid state hard drives that are capable of recording in 32 bit, 96k. It also opened up our closets for more storage room. We converted all the old DAT tapes and reel to reel tape to digital and freed up all that storage area that used to be dedicated to boxes of tape. The sound quality has improved drastically, and the production process is much smoother. No more cutting tape with a razor, we now have a digital audio editor that allows us to make edits on the fly, on the computer, and correct any mistakes we might make. As far as the local bands performing at the station, recording those live events has gotten much cooler. Not only can we record better quality audio, but we can now stream it live on-air and on Youtube for fans and followers of the station. Making this conversion before 2018 was important for the station to grow and offer independent musicians the opportunity to come into the station and cut some records. We are looking forward to the growth in 2018 and thank all Wisconsin community members for their support.